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To save our planet from the threat of global warming and climate change, United Nations and countries globally have set measures to reduce the emissions contributing to it.

In 2015 COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, aims to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, to keep global warming below 2°C.

Since, around one third of energy-related emissions worldwide come from the power sector, replacing conventional power with cleaner sources can significantly contribute to achieve the COP21 targets.

Our Solar PV Solutions utilize the naturally available energy from the sun to generate clean electricity. Energy recovered from the waste is considered clean and renewable energy. Our waste to energy facilities are capable of providing base load electrical power.

The waste landed at open areas, dump yards and landfills generates and emits methane to the atmosphere which is 20 times more potent gas than carbon dioxide causing greenhouse effect. Utilizing these waste at waste processing plants can recover the energy out of it and thus contain the greenhouse gas emissions.

With our efficient waste treatment solutions, the waste going to the landfill will be reduced to 10%, hence, reducing the contamination of air, soil, surface and ground water.


Energy needs are an essential part of any society and the demand for energy is growing day by day.

Energim’ s solar solution provides green energy utilizing the abundant energy from the sun. Solar solutions enable cleaner energy to the people living in areas where they don’t have access to electricity grid. It helps to reduce the dependence on the traditional fossil fuels and thereby providing a pollution free environment.

With our waste to energy solutions, we transform the waste to electricity, heat and other by-products as per the community requirements. With our Biogas technology, the waste can also be converted to efficient and clean Bio-CNG for the transportation, aiding a sustainable development drive.

Our technology treats all kinds of waste efficiently and economically to create an odorless, clean and green environment for a healthy living.

Our services create long term, sustainable and safe employment opportunities at various levels in the community, which is a vital part of the development of a society.