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Our waste to energy solutions are perfectly suited for the waste generated from the following industries.

Municipal solid waste consists of everyday items such as product packaging, grass clippings, furniture, clothing, bottles and cans, food scraps, newspapers, appliances, consumer electronics and batteries, etc. This waste comes from homes, institutions such as schools, hospitals, commercial places, hotels, restaurants and business units.

Depending on the composition of the waste and client’s requirement, we provide viable technological solutions for handling the municipal solid waste.

It takes a long time for materials like plastic, rubber, leather and textiles to decompose naturally. The thermal treatment happening at high temperature decomposes these materials. Potentially infectious and hazardous waste materials generated at health care facilities, such as hospitals, clinics also need to be thermally treated at high temperatures. Our technologies extract the maximum energy and produce value added products and send a small percentage to the landfill.

Over the years, commercialization of the dairy & poultry production has increased steadily due to greater consumer demand for dairy & poultry products, which has resulted in huge waste from these industries.

The cow & poultry manure, slaughter house waste, their waste water and biosolids can be potential threat to the environment if not managed properly. We process these cow & poultry manure, slaughter house waste, other waste from dairy processing plant in our waste to energy plants.

We customize and give cost effective solutions particular to the region and the type of waste.

Our innovative solutions are effective in removing the sand & other impurities from manure.

Worldwide, farmers & food processing industries find it challenging to get away with the waste residues after the harvest and processing of crops. The left-over residues in the fields can cause greenhouse gas emission and odour.

Deliberate burning gives rise to air pollution and negatively affects the surface and ground water.

Our waste to energy solutions help the farmers to dispose of their waste residues, while providing energy and fertilizers for their farms. We provide modular and scalable solutions depending on the type and generation of waste.

Processing, packing, distribution and consumption generate a huge quantity of organic wastes from these industries and most of this is being disposed of either by composting or dumping in the landfills, causing environmental pollution.

These organic wastes are an excellent infeed for our waste to energy plants.

Hospitality sector is a major consumer of resources and contributes heavily towards the waste generation. Hotels and restaurants significantly contribute to the total waste generated in urban areas. Out of the total waste generated by hotels and restaurants, approximately 60 to 70% is biodegradable.

Handling and transportation of these wastes to distant landfills entails heavy costs, creates bad odour, as well as causes methane emissions.

Our solutions are apt for these industries, helping them to handle the waste appropriately and recover the maximum energy for their own needs or sell in the market.

Forest residues, unusable wood, wood scraps and wood chips from saw mills, paper and related industries are treated efficiently to produce electricity and other value added products.