Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power (electricity), in one single, highly efficient process. In a conventional power station, the heat energy generated along with the production of electricity is wasted or lost to the atmosphere through the cooling towers. In the CHP systems the heat energy is recovered and can be used for space heating or cooling, domestic hot water and industrial processes.

CHP systems can accommodate variety of technologies and fuels. The Biogas from the Anaerobic Digestion process can be fed to the CHP. Similarly the syngas generated from the gasification process can be processed through a CHP unit to generate electricity and heat.

CHP systems are compact and can be accommodated easily near the utilization area, making it preferable for on-site applications and thereby saving transmission and distribution losses. Our CHP system solutions come in various specifications and sizes depending on the specific requirements. Choosing CHP systems to produce electricity and heat from the waste can provide financial as well as environment benefits.

Plant Features

  • Increased Efficiency Systems.
  • Lower Energy Cost.
  • Reduced Emissions.
  • Reliable Electricity Supply.
  • Longer hours of Operations.
  • Lesser Operation and Maintenance cost.