Gasification Plant

Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials contained within the biomass and waste material, into methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen by reaction at high temperatures with a tightly controlled amount of oxygen. The resulting gas mixture is called syngas and this is further used as fuel.

Our state of the art automatic pre-treatment system separates the recyclables and inert materials to produce high calorific value RDF(Refuse Derived Fuel) from infeed municipal waste.

With our advanced gasification technology, this RDF is used to produce syngas, which further generates electricity and heat. Gasification can help the world manage its waste and produce the energy and products needed to fuel economic growth.

Plant Features

  • Our two-stage gasification and thermal treatment process (close coupled gasification) ensures the maximum energy output from the RDF and utilizes the heat from the flue gases to generate steam.
  • This ensures high efficiency of the plant and high rate of returns to investors.
  • Utilizes the leftover ash & other residues from the gasification plant, to create value added products, thus reducing the waste to almost zero landfill.
  • With our sophisticated flue gas cleaning and continuous emission monitoring system, we provide environmental friendly plants complying with the most stringent norms.