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Pre – Treatment Systems

For efficient waste treatment, incoming waste to the facility is conditioned in our advanced pre-treatment and sorting system according to the technology opted for the treatment of waste. The system ensures the maximum recovery of recyclables – plastics, glass and metals.

We provide customized pre-treatment and sorting lines depending on the infeed waste and desired output from the plant. Most of the MSW/waste arrives bagged, where bag openers handle the job efficiently by opening and emptying bags, enabling to feed to the subsequent sorting processes. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals are separated and extracted using our eddy current and over band magnet metal separators. PVC is recovered using the optical sorting units.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is shredded to desired size and fed to the gasifier or baled to be sold as fuel. With appropriate screens the organic wet fraction is extracted and fed to the Anaerobic Digesters for biogas production.

Plant Features

  • Advanced technology with high precision.
  • Maximum operating hours with high feed rates.
  • Modular & compact systems for faster installation.
  • Heavy duty machines with minimal operation and maintenance cost.
  • Easy adjustment for minimal lead time.
  • Safer and easy operations.
  • Minimal power consumption.